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Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

2015 ~The Year of the Wood Sheep!

Year of the Sheep

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year—the Year of the Wood Sheep! Last year’s Year of the Horse tested us on many levels, centering on individual soul-searching, galloping us forward--often at breakneck speed--on our personal paths! The Year of the Wood Sheep, offers a kinder, gentler energy where teamwork, cooperation and collaboration are the name of the game. Key words for this Sheep Year are Creativity, Innovation, Art and Beauty.

Here’s an excerpt from the amazing and wise Gaela Morrison’s Forces of Nature Newsletter, explaining more about the year ahead:

Teamwork, Cooperation and Collaboration are the magic elements this year, and are likely to generate success in all arenas—whether it’s career, social change, or personal and romantic relationships. Have more social gatherings! The Wood element adds a more gregarious, good-humored aspect to the Sheep. With a softer heart, be open to creative ideas and new relationships.

Doing things on your own is not the name of the game this year, so make use of your community and co-create with beneficial alliances. This is a terrific time to begin a new project or business, partner up with your colleagues and affiliates for achieving so much more than you could accomplish by yourself.

Taking big risks toward projects that are dear to you heart is likely to yield valuable results, especially with team effort. This is not a year to play it safe, so be courageous and go beyond your fear and take the leap!

The sheep is a very refined and sensitive creature, appreciating beauty in all forms. Feed your soul by surrounding yourself with beauty. Be creative, cut loose with your imagination, trust your intuitive impulses and go with it!

Happy New Year!

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