Megan Skinner

Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Author

Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

Judgment ~ Wake Up and Smell the Flowers!

“There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.” Buddha.


Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is Judgment, representing: Rebirth, Reckoning, Shifts in Consciousness and standing in your Truth!

The Judgment card represents a turning point in consciousness; a time where the personal will aligns with the higher soul in a quest for truth. It also signals a time for action! This is a moment for a reassessment of your life. To make amends and bring into settlement any old or unresolved issues, accounts or relationships.

Your new-found consciousness, however, is not an excuse to judge yourself! On this path we are encouraged towards tolerance, not only for ourselves, but for others. It is said that unless you have walked in someone else’s shoes, you cannot truly understand their journey. In honoring and acting on your own choices, you can then honor the choices of others.

Congratulate yourself on your willingness to see your life in a more truthful way! And by taking care of outstanding matters, you will be free to experience your world in a liberating way! Finally at the end of the day, ask yourself: “Did I do the best that I could today?” If the answer is "yes", then sign a triumphant Hallelujah, thank the powers at be, and be at peace with yourself!

Wishing you a powerful, truthful and transformative week!