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Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

November Edition Astro Babble - Your Personal Horoscope Included!


“The mind, this globe of awareness, is a starry universe that when you push off with your foot, a thousand new roads become clear, as you yourself do at dawn, sailing through the light.” Rumi


After October’s challenging planetary squares, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief, as the universe gives us some Thanksgiving grace, and time to integrate the last few months. In November we move from the watery depths of transformational Scorpio, into the fiery and expansive energy of Sagittarius. Adding to the equation is some airy and inspirational sparkle from Jupiter in Libra, and Mars moving into free-spirited Aquarius. All in all, this month’s Astro vibe is both invigorating and ripe with new insights.  




Full Moon in Taurus, November 14th: The Native Americans named this Full Moon: the Beaver Moon, because it signaled the time to set traps, before waters froze over. This first frost moon is calling you to go within, and gather your resources for what you want to manifest next. Feelings around money and long-term security are illuminated now. Time to commune with your relationship with abundance, knowing that prosperity is often created from an inner sense of security and wellbeing. This a great moon for tucking-in, snuggling and roasting a few chestnuts on an open fire.


New Moon in Sagittarius, November 29th: New moons carry a vibration of new beginnings, opening us to different potentials and ways of being. In the sign of expansive and fiery Sagittarius, the energy is restless and forward moving. Sag thrives on change and adventure, and a great way to feed this moon is through social interaction. Time to commune with your peeps and share your stories. Sag is a great storyteller, which may also be expressed through writing and publishing. This is a celebratory moon, on the heels of the Thanksgiving weekend, so eat, drink and be merry. Just watch-out for over-indulgence!     


Your November Horoscope:


Aries: What some may forget about you, Aries, is that you are the most loyal of friends. Yes, you can be head-strong and impetuous, always ready to move onto new experiences, but when it comes to friends and family, you are a fierce and faithful protector. With Jupiter in your house of relationships, this is a time to get clear about where your loyalties lie. Are you receiving as much as you give? If not, time to move on. #TrueToMyself

Taurus: With the enterprising “Beaver” Full Moon in your sign, I’m officially proclaiming Beaver to be your animal totem for the month. Here’s the scoop: “Beaver is the doer of the animal kingdom. Beaver represents a time to put your ideas into action and/or complete some project that has been neglected. In building a dream, teamwork is necessary. By working well with others, much is achieved.” #TeamWork

Gemini: Oh those damn boundaries, Gemini! You’ve been working on setting limitations with others for a while, especially since last October, when Saturn began its orbit in your house of relationships. What a difference a year makes! Now that your structures are more firmly in place, it’s time to play. Jupiter is flirting with your house of romance…dare to be open and take a chance. Adventure awaits. #Enchantment  

Cancer: Your stars this month, are giving me an “I love the 80’s” vibe. Stay with me…and YouTube the video for “Everybody have fun tonight” by Wang Chung (circa 1982). I’m serious! Everything you need to know is right there: “Rip it up, get down, get out what’s inside.” Happiness is not an option. It is a necessity. So put on some bad eye-liner and ripped jeans and shake your groove thing. Embrace joy! #WangChungTonight

Leo: Dare I say, Leo, that you are feeling more secure with yourself and the world—that somehow, strangely, all is well? The stars are working in your favor, offering good vibes for forward movement. Creative pursuits are highlighted now, no, better yet—they’re on fire! Do not hesitate to express yourself. Don’t worry about what others think, because at the end of the day, you’re just grateful and happy to be in the game! #BraveHeart     

Virgo: Your stars are a bit conflicted, but that’s not big news, Virgo. Saturn has been kicking your butt for awhile, and you’ve been working hard, doing the good work. This month take a moment and congratulate yourself on your courage and willingness to conquer your fears! Time for gratitude. The more you celebrate your current prosperity—big or small—the more it sets the stage for what you manifest next. #Thanksgiving

Libra: Watching an ice skating pairs competition, I thought of you, Libra. The grace and synchronicity between the pairs as they seemed to glide effortlessly across the ice, was beauty embodied! What you don’t see, is all the discipline and training that comes in making things look easy. There is rarely an “overnight success” and this surely applies to you. Expect tangible results from your hard work this month. #GoingForGold  

Scorpio: It’s all about alignment. Namely, how can you align your dreams and aspirations with your ability to make money and still pay the rent/mortgage? It’s not as big a stretch as you may think! As your cosmic chiropractor for the month, I’m prescribing energy work. Whether it’s with a practitioner, or in your own meditative space, this is a time to actively work your life from an energetic standpoint. #TheFirstChakraIsConnectedToTheSecondChakra…

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Sagittarius: New Moon, new beginnings. Although the new moon in your sign doesn’t happen until November 29th, it’s luminous revelations and fresh start vibrations start now, and set the tone all month. As you explore what’s next, you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel”. Meaning, you’ve created some strong foundations, and now it’s time to tuck and tweak. As my wise mother used to say: #Don’tThrowTheBabyOutWithTheBathWater

Capricorn: Everything old is new again! The Sag New Moon joins a planetary stellium in your house of the unconscious, illuminating the deep pockets of your psyche. Expect a few déjà vu’s as you revisit the past—old lovers, situations, regrets and unresolved business. Now is an opportunity to bring to closure anything you need to put to rest. And I would go as far to say, it could be this lifetime…or others. #MeAndMyShadow

Aquarius: Excalibur! Fierce, warrior-planet Mars joins your sign, inspiring you to make some bold moves. Time to clear away old stories and past rhetoric and create anew. You are shaping your destiny now and…this ain’t your first rodeo Aquarius, you know what you’re doing. Trust your instincts, your experience, your vast reservoir of wisdom and speak your truth. This is your “Sword in the Stone” now. Question: Are you: #ArthurOrMerlin?

Pisces: Your stars may have you feeling restricted, like you’re wearing a tight suit of clothes…two sizes too small…and you can’t wait to get home and into some comfortable sweats. I say--embrace the sweats, Pisces! You’re experiencing conflicting energies now, both expansive and restrictive, so it’s best to make your fashion choices later. This month, it’s all about downtime, and giving yourself room to integrate. #CouchPotato