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Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

Astro Babble September Edition ~ Your Personal Horoscope Included!


“Your life is a story of transition. You are always leaving one chapter behind while moving onto the next.”


September is a month of transitions, as we shift from the energies of summer into fall. Traditionally, fall is a reset time, as we begin to look towards the last quarter of the year. (Christmas is just 101 days away!) Speaking of transitions, Jupiter—the planet of expansion, opportunity and good fortune—begins to orbit the sign of Libra, for about a year. Jupiter is a great arbitrator of the social zeitgeist, so its movement from earthy, analytical, precise Virgo into relational, harmonious, beauty-loving Libra, should lighten our sense of being.

Other Astro news: We have Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (through September 21st), as always, a time to recharge and regroup; the eclipse season continues with both a solar and lunar eclipse; a Libra “Bonus” New Moon, and the challenging square between Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces), reaches it’s apex!

Fall Equinox September 22nd: The Autumnal Equinox traditionally represents a time of harvest, where we collect the fruits of our labor, and begin to hunker-in and prepare for the coming “night” of winter. In a spiritual sense, The Fall Equinox is considered a time of transformation.  




New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Sept 1st: In the sign of Virgo, this partial Solar Eclipse highlights work and health matters; specifically new beginnings at work, attention to details, fitness, health regimes, and daily routines. Flaws in important systems of our life may be revealed with the eclipse, prompting us to redo or start fresh. These energies also coincide with the Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, Sept 16th: In the sign of Pisces, this Total Lunar Eclipse, highlights the vibrations of empathy and unconditional love for self and others; to channel our energies creatively and away from fear and anger. A challenging aspect from Mars, heightens an aggressive, adverse energy—think Peace, not War!   

2nd New Moon in Libra, September 30th: This “Bonus” new moon, offers the possibility of new beginnings, especially after the Mercury Retrograde and intensities of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Its vibration reminds me of a butterfly emerging from the safety of a cocoon, ready to fly!


Your September Horoscope:

Aries: One definition of Karma is: “We reap what we sow.” This is a time to be especially mindful about your actions, Aries, as there’s an underlying current of accountability in your stars. Time to right any “wrongs”, make changes, and put to close all-things-unresolved. (Especially before the Lunar Eclipse September 16). Then experience a new lightness of being, where you are freed from the past. Powerful! #Freedom   

Taurus: You may feel like there’s an inner drill-sergeant inhabiting your brain, this month, Taurus! Yes, this is a great time to get your affairs in order, especially health-wise and around your relationship with your body, but the key is to not be hard on yourself in the process. Judgment towards others and self, is your evil nemesis now, and perhaps a reflection of your shadow side. The remedy is: #SelfLove 

Gemini: Your stars this month are giving you a wee-push, a cosmic nudge towards more personal authority and sovereignty. This means taking your power around your choices and what you wish to experience. Sure, responsibility can be a bitch, but the payoffs are huge. Especially now! Stay true to you, trust your greater vision, and don’t even think about giving in to what others may think is right for you! #KingOfTheCastle

Cancer: As I gaze into your September stars, Cancer, I see the image of a Fairy Godmother, and she’s whispering into your ear: “Dreams do come true.”  Then she sprinkles her fairy dust all over you! Fantasy or reality? You decide. What I can tell you is that this is a powerful month, to make some very meaningful shifts, shifts that will open up your future! So clap your hands and say: “I believe! #EmpoweredCinderella

Leo: What’s the story, morning-glory? You Lion, are truly the most creative sign of the zodiac, and this is a time to look at what stories you are creating in your life. Are they filled with joy and hope? Or are they bittersweet, and holding regrets? September is a time when there’s great opportunity to release the past, and create a new story. Create a fabulous one! Your voice, and our vision are powerful now. #MasterOfMyDomain  

Virgo: With Mercury retrograde in your sign, and Jupiter moving out of your orbit, projects that have been in forward motion, may slow down and be delayed. All the better to get your ducks in a row, Virgo! Communication is key: make sure you’re clear about your intentions and directions to others. This is also a time where you’re looking at your financial picture, especially around what’s going out and what’s coming in! #MixedSignals

Libra: This is the moment that we Libra’s have been waiting for…drum roll…Jupiter—the planet of expansion and good fortune is moving into Libra land on the 9th! Jupiter orbits a sign for approximately one year, so this happening occurred last 12 years ago. So Libra, what were you doing in the fall of 2004? You may find some interesting synchronicity between then and now. #FullfillingMyDharma

Scorpio: The heady New Moon/Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in water-friendly Virgo, sets your Astro stage this month. The new moon/eclipse illuminates your Bigger Picture, inspiring you to make changes and initiate a new agenda for your future. The MR says, make sure everything is in alignment before you act. Don’t hesitate to get creative; one of your strong suits is your amazing strategic mind! #FutureFocused 

Sagittarius: Imagine that you’re in Vega$, you’ve just seen Brittany Spears and are at the crap table. You’ve got a nice stack of chips, and are getting ready to roll the dice. Do you go for it? Or are you conservative, and just gamble a few chips. There is no right answer, but your stars say: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Don’t overthink. Instead trust your instincts, because they are very, very, on track now! #RollingTheDice

Capricorn: Are you having the urge to do some “traveling”--basically get out of Dodge for awhile? Your perfect September scenario: Booking a flight to a dream destination—or packing your car and going for a long road trip to somewhere un-experienced (and unexpected!) And, creating a travel blog to share it all! Communication is highlighted now, as is sharing your vision and insight with others. #RestlessGoat  

Aquarius: Your stars this month illuminate your houses of Money and Spirit. Hmmm? What’s the connection? Both symbolize your values, and where you invest your security. Remember, money is energy, and the more you trust spirit for your security, the more abundance you will find. Don’t be surprised if some “issues” around self-worth come up as you expand your horizons. Trust the Mystery. #MysteryNovel  


Pisces: This is a big, transitional month for you, Pisces. The Solar and Lunar Eclipses are bringing forth powerful change, effecting many aspects of your life. Career-wise, you’ve got some nice momentum, so invest your energy in workable structures that will serve you long-term. Personally, this is a time to be aware of your emotional boundaries. Time for other’s to step up to the plate, otherwise it’s a: #TotalEclipseOfTheHeart