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Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Author

Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

September Astro Babble ~ Your Personal Horoscope Included!

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” Lauren DeStefano


Praise the Goddess! After all the intense eclipse energy of August, September’s Astro landscape is much quieter, giving us all a chance to breathe and regroup! September is traditionally a time of

transitions, as we shift from the energies of summer into fall. The Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd, begins the harvest—literally and figuratively--where we collect the fruits of our labor, and begin to hunker-in and prepare for the coming “night” of winter. In a spiritual sense, the Fall Equinox is celebrated as a powerful point of transformation, of symbolic death and rebirth.


Your September Horoscope:


Aries: You, my courageous friend, are always ready to fight the good fight. Your September stars ask you to consider how your work can be of greater service, without sacrificing your individual needs. Exchange the word “fight” for “service” and see how it feels. You’re no Mother Theresa, and don’t need to poop rainbow unicorns; be your brave Self--that’s more than plenty. Take off the gloves and #StayTrueToYou


Taurus Round .png

Taurus: Last month’s cosmic shake-up has you either feeling incredibly liberated, or completely out-of-sorts. Perhaps a combination? The cosmic energy this month is in your favor, offering a time to reground and reconnect to your essential roots of being. Opportune times for you are the Full and New Moons (September 6th and 19th). Shake off the past, and explore a more creative, liberated you! #ShakeItOff  


Gemini Round.png

Gemini: All roads lead home, this month, Gemini. With a planetary stellium in your house of home and family, you’re considering what this means to you. Sometimes our family is the friends we bring close, and feel safe and comfortable with. Sometimes home is finding a deeper sense of peace within ourselves. Don’t downplay your desire for comfort. You deserve to be nurtured. #ForeignTerritory


Cancer Round.png

Cancer: You like to stick close to home, but your stars are calling you to expand your world! If I was your fairy godmother/travel agent, I would give you a ticket to anywhere you want—Paris, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon? Would you take it? You don’t have to travel to the ends of the world to expand your life. It’s a mindset. Ask yourself: How can I live a little bigger today? Bye-bye comfort zones. #BippityBoppityBoo


Leo Round.png

Leo: August was over-the-top with Mars and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign! I imagine you’re feeling transformed, having experienced a significant revelation or two. Now, it’s time to quiet the energy, and integrate. Your imagination is calling. All the better to commune, Leo. For now, no more chasing windmills or other elusive stuff. Celebrate what you have already so lovingly created. #ImaginaryDragons


Virgo Round.png

Virgo: How do you spell Relief? S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R! With the Mercury Retrograde moving out of your sign (Sept 5th) and a delicious Virgo New Moon mid-month, time to stop putting out fires and focus on Y-O-U! The question is: Are you ready to receive? To go to the next level, you may need to open yourself up to the help of others. This doesn’t mean relinquishing control. If it feels right: #Align


Libra Round.png

Libra: Oh Jupiter, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…Big player Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity, is doing its final laps in your sign, Libra. Take full advantage of its benevolent ju-ju, and bring to completion outstanding projects or opportunities on a positive note. Next month, there will be more lines in the sand about how you move forward. For now, make hay while Jupiter still shines! #JupiterRising


Scorpio Round.png

Scorpio: Autumn is your season, as the landscape shifts from light to dark, welcoming mystery and inner-transformation. Grab ahold of September’s expansive lunar energy, with the Full and New Moon’s illuminating your spheres of creativity and inspiration. Your inspirations could lead to new endeavors. Be open, and trust any “callings” you receive. Even if they don’t make complete “sense” now. #TheGoddessCalls   


Sagitarrius Round.png

Sagittarius: Saturn in your sign, retrograde since April, is now direct and ready for action! Saturn is about doing the work, and when you have, then Mister Strict bestows his rewards. You’re not completely out of the woods, so continue to do the good work, and know that those rewards are starting to come. (You think you’re feeling good now, wait till Saturn moves out of your sign on December 18th!) #MerryChristmas


Capricorn Round.png

Capricorn: Have you ever thought about writing a book, Cap? The reason I ask is that your stars are highlighting your spheres of communication/writing and knowledge/publishing! Coincidence? No Way. You don’t have to write the next great American novel, but perhaps you do have words, thoughts or stories that you would like to share. Words have power. Knowledge is Power. Time to share. #SexyLibrarian


Aquarius Round.png

Aquarius: Total Eclipse of the Heart? August’s Solar Eclipse occurred in your house of relationships, offering illumination to your alliances—friendship, family, romantic and business. Relationships can be wonderful mirrors, and now that you have looked at Your Self from every angle, shadow included--how do you feel? Liberated (I hope!) Your September Stars offer smoother sailing. #AhoyCaptain


Pisces Round.png

Pisces: After a topsy-turvy few months, you’re still standing and looking strong in the process! The Full Moon in your sign is a welcome beacon of light, illuminating new frontiers. Discipline is your great friend now, as you put in place new structures that will serve you for some time to come. This may include having more discipline around self-care routine. You can’t create on an empty gas tank! #VroomVroom