Megan Skinner

Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Author

Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

The Five of Swords ~ Don't Overthink it!


Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Five of Swords, representing: Mental chaos, conflict, worry and perspective. The Five of Swords indicates that you are overthinking something, to the point where you lose any sense of true clarity. No matter how you look at it--up, down, right or left--you can’t think yourself out of this situation. This is a moment to step back, and view your life from a greater perspective. 

Your mind is too powerful to waste on defeating thoughts. Especially, when the situation you are focused on is likely in flux, with the outcome to be determined at another time. Although you may want to figure everything out, this is not the moment. Know that you will have more clarity when the dust settles. Channel your mental stress into practices that ease your mind: meditation, reflection and grounding practices. New clarity and insights will be revealed as you get more perspective.

Wishing you a worry-free week!