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Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Author

Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

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Magical New Moon in Pisces Wednesday!


Happy New Moon in Pisces! Lady Luna is quite happy in the sign of the Fish, illuminating our deeper feelings and emotions, and highlighting the compassionate and imaginative qualities this sign is known for. What’s even more special about Wednesday’s New Moon is that it is joined by Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet. Neptune’s influence adds an extra dose of watery energy to the mix, encouraging us to swim deeply in it’s soulful waters.

This New Moon is an excellent time go within and commune with what lies beneath the surface of everyday reality. Meditative activities are especially potent now. The Pisces New Moon brings out our creative and artistic qualities as well, inspiring us to play in the realm of fantasy and imagination. Give yourself permission to write poetry, paint, play and listen to music. Whatever feeds your soul!

During this time, we also have the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde (through March 28th) also in Pisces, again calling us to go within and reflect on how we move (or swim!) through the world. The soulful combination of the Mercury Retrograde and New Moon in Pisces, can sooth and even bring healing to our daily tensions and stresses, as it offers a deeper perspective and new clarity. This magical period brings great meaning to the concept of being “in the world, but not of the world”. Something to ruminate on!

Happy Illuminations!

Aquarius New Moon ~ Think Big Picture!


Monday’s New Moon in innovative, forward-thinking Aquarius, brings a Big Picture vibe, encouraging you to expand beyond your normal parameters--daily patterns, old habits, limitations—and let your mind take flight. Aquarius Moons celebrate individuality and highlight our unique gifts and dharma, reminding us that the world would be very boring, if we were all the same! 

This New Moon is joined by intellectually curious Mercury, adding mental intensity, as we reflect upon what inspires us, especially in regards to making change. The next few days could bring unexpected information into your midst that is both surprising and unsettling, yet also offering new clarity to help you move forward. Be open to Aha! moments, as the Aquarius New Moon illuminates ground-breaking ideas that could revolutionize your daily game!  

Happy Illuminations!

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo ~ January 20th


Tonight (and early tomorrow morning for East Coasters) is the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. Eclipses represent sea changes, often bringing illumination to what needs to be transformed in our lives. Lunar Eclipses always join a Full Moon, and stimulate the shadow areas of our psyche, emotions and inner-world, bringing attention to these deeply sensitive areas. It is not unusual to FEEL intensively during this time. If you can embrace your feelings and emotions, whatever is illuminated for you now, without judgment, there can be a great transformation and awakening.

 Today’s Eclipse/Full Moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign, and rules the realm of self-expression, creativity and unique individuality, bringing the spotlight to how we give our light. We all have special gifts and talents, and Leo asks us to celebrate this! The Leo Full Moon is directly opposite the Aquarius Sun, bringing the expressions of Aquarius--unity, inspiration, higher consciousness and service to humanity—into the picture. This Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon asks us to integrate these two polarities, which could be described as: Celebrating your individuality, in the service to the greater good. Powerful stuff!

 Take time in the next few days (we feel Eclipses for days, even weeks before and after) to commune with your light--who you are on the deepest of levels--and to let go of what no longer serves your true essence. Rituals and meditative practices are especially powerful during eclipses. To understand more about where you will experience these energies, look at the house in your astrological chart that is ruled by Leo. 

 Happy illuminations!