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Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

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The Page of Cups ~ Embracing Emotional Vulnerability!

Tarot Tuesday! This week, it’s another Page!–the Page of Cups representing: Emotional clarity, freedom from the past, intuitive insight, grace and kindness.

In the Tarot, Pages represent a youthful energy; like children, they are open, playful and vulnerable. They don’t carry past baggage, and feel free to explore their desires without heavy “grown-up” concerns or judgments. They are the essence of new and hopeful beginnings!

The Page of Cups, representing the realm of water (feelings, emotions and intuition) is about playfully mastering your emotions. It encourages you to leave the ghosts of the past behind. To do so, it requires that you not dwell on past mistakes, weaknesses, or fears.

Instead, embrace your life with an open and loving heart. Sometimes being vulnerable is the essence of mastery, for it opens you to new experiences that you never dreamed possible! Even if that means–Wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Know that you will benefit by doing so!

Affirmation: The more I love myself, the more I can love others.

This card is from the Universal Salvador Dali deck, originally published in the 1970’s, and a great favorite of mine for many years. Because, until recently, it had been out of print, I had only the book, but not the actual cards. Then on my recent trip to the East Coast, my Marketing Assistant, Leah, knowing of my love of the Dali deck, found it and gifted them to me!

Wishing you a graceful and loving week!

Page of Wands ~ Overcoming Fear!

Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Page of Wands, representing: Courage, strength, overcoming fear and new beginnings.

In many decks the Page of Wands is pictured with a Tiger or wearing its pelt. (For Tarot Tuesday, I used a Chinese zodiac paper cutout that was recently gifted to me.) In symbolism, the tiger is associated with personal strength and overcoming fears. It is a sign of fierce courage and determination.

In Chinese mythology, the tiger presents the awakening of new power, passion and a talisman for casting away evil spirits…(just in case you need it for Halloweenie!)

The Page of Wands is the Child of Fire, associated with Spring and New Beginnings. It represents creative energy, especially in regards to starting new projects. By conquering our fears, we are freed to experience new opportunities. And when fear is transformed, love takes it’s place, again opening us up to a more profound experience of life.

This card reminds me of that Katy Perry song Roar—”I’ve got the eye of a tiger, hear me ROAR!” An appropriate sentiment here. So this week, be fiercely courageous and meet any obstacles head on. Know that by doing so—new opportunities will come your way!

The mantra for the Page of Wands is: I embrace life fearlessly!

Happy Halloween!