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Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

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The Two of Cups ~ Love is in the Air!

2 of Cups

Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Two of Cups, representing: Love, Soul Mate Connections and Emotional Fulfillment! This is such a sweet card--romantic, magical, hearts and flowers and all good things--reminding us of a time when we were innocent enough to believe in the possibility of true love!

The 2 of Cups portents a time of new beginnings in your love relationships. This includes current and significant connections, and the possibility of new ones. Now is a time to be open, to be vulnerable, to wear “your heart on your sleeve”, and welcome relationships that truly speak to your soul!

The butterfly compact pictured comes from my Mother. She carried it for years in her purse, to powder her nose and check her lipstick. (She has now been married to my Dad for almost 60 years!) It is a reminder to always check in with yourself, to look into your mirror, and be willing to see what’s true. Because, at the end of the day, relationships mirror our soul…

Ultimately the journey of True Love begins with oneself. As it is said: You can only love another to the degree that you love yourself!

Affirmation: I am now ready to let into my life the love relationships which deeply fulfill me!

 Wishing you a sweet, soulful and love-filled week!   

The Two of Coins ~ As Above, So Below!

Two of Coins 2

Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Two of Coins, representing: Change, balance, expansion and transformation.

In the Tarot, the suit of Coins (or Pentacles) rules the realm of money and security, business and career. The Two of Coins indicates a time of significant change in these arenas, a time of re-balancing your financial and spiritual assets!

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, this card says it’s time to open up to new opportunities and let go past situations that are no longer profitable. Change is the name of the game, and the more you embrace change, the more opportunities will come! This involves an element of trust and surrender.  

Here, profit and abundance is not only financial, but spiritual as well. Indeed, this card represents the timeless axiom: As Above, So Below. Meaning, the richness of life is both internal and external, material and spiritual—and the divine secret lies in the balance of the two!

Affirmation: The more I embrace change, the more my prosperity grows!

Wishing you an Expansive and Prosperous Week! 

Love and Family ~ The Son of Cups

Tarot Tuesday! Some loving ju ju coming your way, as we close out the holidays with the card for the week: The Son (Knight) of Cups, representing love, family, spiritual relationships and higher emotional planes.

The Son of Cups is about connecting on deeper levels, and finding your true spiritual family. Sometimes the idea of family must be enlarged to include chosen relationships, especially those you feel a spiritual connection with. He represents a time to seek out friends, family and community, anywhere you feel at home, connected and at peace.

If these situations are not currently present, this card bodes well for new connections, and opportunities to attract more spiritual love and relationships into your life.

Affirmation: I am finding the loving connections I need now.

In Native American lore, the Swan is a symbol for the soul in transformation. It represents grace as we move from one state of existence into another. It is a harbinger of new situations and inspirations that can bring us closer to what we want to experience in life.

This lovely card is from the Wild Unknown Tarot—a magical deck I’m just beginning to explore!

Wishing you a Happy, Graceful and Loving New Year!

The High Priestess ~ Silence and Reflection!

Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the High Priestess (Popess) representing: Reflection, intuition, stillness and inner wisdom. A perfect remedy for all the holiday hustle and bustle!

The High Priestess is ruled by the Moon, a symbol for the deep inner landscape of the soul, the mystery of night. She is the Queen of Intuition, connected with her own inner voice, her divine wisdom–the internal guide and healer. She straddles two worlds, the “real world” and the spiritual realm, and has mastered a balance between the two.

Divination: This is a time to go within and nurture your soul through meditation and contemplation. You may find yourself experiencing a heightened state of awareness, in touch with a consciousness that is an extension of your present reality. Remember, the intuitive realm does not always line up in a linear manner; it is an extra fold of perception.

Trust your senses, your feelings and your intuitions, whatever comes to you in the moment. Let them reveal to you what you need to know. Breathe through each moment with its gift of reflection. You are in a process of “deep remembering”. If your sense of memory brings you sadness, it may be that you are experiencing an eternal sadness. Blessed are those with the gift to cry. Cry the tears of the Moon.

Affirmation: The more I accept myself, the deeper the clarity of my perceptions. I trust my intuitive abilities!

Have a wonderful, soulful and insightful week! And a joyful and festive Holiday!