Megan Skinner

Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Author

Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author with a private practice in spiritual counseling for over 20 years.

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The Knight of Pentacles ~ Perseverance Wins the Day!


Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Knight of Pentacles, representing: Perseverance, prudence, manifestation and fulfilling work. This Knight is known for his determination and unshakable perseverance. He is out to conquer the material world, and nothing will stop him from reaching his goals! Although ambitious, he is also prudent, knowing when to harness his energy so that he can reach the finish-line. 

The Knight of Pentacles is someone you can rely upon, especially when it comes to getting things done. He represents a time of harvest, indicating that you are realizing your full potential in the world. This is a time to set goals around what you want to manifest, and stick with them. If you are seeking more fulfilling work, this knight will lead you to it!  

I situated this Knight in a New York City landscape, because, as they say, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere! A testament to the big goals this knight has the ability to achieve.

Wishing you an ambitious week!


Force/Strength ~ Fall in Love With Yourself--Thorns and All!


Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is Force (also known as “Strength” in many decks), representing: Patience, desire, vulnerability, surrender and self-love. The Force card is associated with the Fairytale Beauty and the Beast…Once upon a time, a maiden encountered a ferocious lion! Her first instinct was to run away. Instead, the innocent maiden decided to befriend the beast. Gently and patiently, she got to know the Lion, ultimately falling in love. In return, the lion surrendered to her. 

The lion represents desire, our inner-beast. Here strength comes in vulnerability, as you give yourself permission to fall in love with yourself—thorns and all! This is a journey of self-acceptance. Consider lifestyle choices benefiting a more authentic you. Don’t force anything. When in doubt, step back and give yourself time to become clear. Be sweet with yourself. Patience is your greatest ally now. 

Wishing you a gentle week!

The Five of Swords ~ Don't Overthink it!


Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Five of Swords, representing: Mental chaos, conflict, worry and perspective. The Five of Swords indicates that you are overthinking something, to the point where you lose any sense of true clarity. No matter how you look at it--up, down, right or left--you can’t think yourself out of this situation. This is a moment to step back, and view your life from a greater perspective. 

Your mind is too powerful to waste on defeating thoughts. Especially, when the situation you are focused on is likely in flux, with the outcome to be determined at another time. Although you may want to figure everything out, this is not the moment. Know that you will have more clarity when the dust settles. Channel your mental stress into practices that ease your mind: meditation, reflection and grounding practices. New clarity and insights will be revealed as you get more perspective.

Wishing you a worry-free week!


The Fool ~ Fearlessly Follow Your Inspiration!

Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Fool representing: Fearlessness, inspiration, freedom, rebellion and risk-taking. This foxy Fool is ready for spring--he’s always ahead of his time--and exciting new change! He indicates a quantum leap forward in your life, as you open yourself to grand new possibilities.


 The Fool is a divine rebel, defying all limitations to create his life in big, bold strokes, never hesitating to color outside the lines. He is a compelling force, encouraging you to fearlessly act on what inspires you. Some may call him crazy, others say he’s divinely inspired. Perhaps it’s a bit of both! Either way, your inspiration is calling, and you must take the risk. “How could you not?” The Fool will say. There is no guarantee of outcomes, it’s more about your willingness to boldly go after what calls you. By doing so the Fool ensures you will never be the same again! 

Wishing you a fearless and inspiring week!


The Queen of Cups ~ Embrace Your Sensitive Nature!


Tarot Tuesday! The card for the week is the Queen of Cups, representing: Sensitivity, emotional integrity, love and wisdom. The Queen of cups is a sublimely sensitive creature. She is in touch with her feelings, emotions and deeper promptings from her unconscious. Here she is surrounded by sea urchin shells, indicating her connection to the sea, symbolizing intuition and deep wisdom. 

This queen is a loving presence and provides a safe harbor, offering comfort and nurturance to those in need. She encourages you to connect deeply within yourself. To take stock of what you are feeling in the moment. It takes strength to stand in your sensitivities; by doing so, you become divinely beautiful. Love blossoms, as you realize that no one can take away your emotional freedom, unless you let them. The more authentic you are in your deepest self, your true heart, the more you will attract the love you deserve. 

Wishing you an emotionally rich week!